Tapestry Church

Since 1999, the Tapestry Church has walked alongside Neighbor To Neighbor to provide a community of fellowship, worship, and transformation to the neighborhoods and families served by Neighbor To Neighbor's Southeast Raleigh Outreach.

Greater Raleigh Young Life

Neighbor To Neighbor and Raleigh Young Life maintain a close partnership with the common goal of reaching and loving teens in the neighborhoods we serve, which is an essential part of our mission. Raleigh Young Life provides us with Young Life camp scholarships, transportation, and leadership training and recruitment.

Millbrook United Methodist Church

The campus of Millbrook Methodist is the hub of our Latino Ministry. They have dedicated one of their buildings (the "Casita") to Latino Ministry, and offer its facilities for the HOSTs program, English classes, day camps, basketball league, and celebrations. The church also boasts an emerging Latino congregation, who serve as leaders and are involved in our Latino outreach.

Clubs In the City

Clubs in the City offers weekly training in training in Music, Dance, Writing, Rap, Art and Drama to youth at Neighbor To Neighbor's South Blount outreach center. Clubs in the City is a faith-based non-profit organization providing opportunity, promoting positive development, and preventing delinquency in children and youth through highly strategic community-based programs in the arts and other areas of skill and talent development.

HOSTS Learning

A nationally recognized and renowned learning system based on one-on-one mentoring, HOSTS provides materials to Neighbor To Neighbor and assists us in bringing children who are struggling in school up to grade level.