About Us

HOSTS Learning (Help One Student To Succeed)

This nationally recognized and proven learning curriculum enables students to perform at or above grade level. Each student meets one-on-one with a caring mentor to work through individualized curriculum in their area of need: Language Arts, Math or English as a Second Language.

M.A.D. House Basketball (Making A Difference)

Athletic fundamentals, life skills and spiritual truths are taught through positive team basketball experiences.

Young Life Teen Outreach

Includes bi-weekly gatherings, relational community outreach work, small group bible studies, and week long summer camps. Young Life events are filled with skits, games, music and teaching that challenges participants to look at moral and character issues lived out in the context of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Find out more...

Latino Outreach

Our work with Latino families in Raleigh provides a place of fellowship, help with family needs, English language learning, and spiritual direction.

Student Employment Program

To address the need for qualified and job-ready employees, n2n offers students business site visits, relationships with business professionals and opportunities for employment at n2n. Students gain a greater sense of the possible through these activities and experiences

Jobs For Life

As part of our Employment Program and ongoing partnership with Jobs for Life, we seek to pair mentors with adults working through a Bible-based character, job readiness curriculum. Vocational planning, career/skills assessment, job search, resumes development, conflict resolution, interview practice and resource/employment round tables are additional key components to the course.

Upward: College Preparation

Students are offered opportunities to higher education through SAT preparation, scholarships, college tours, and admissions assistance.

Computer & Homework Lab

These labs offer opportunity through technology and support which enable students to complete assignments and succeed in school.

Community Garden

Throughout the year a community garden is maintained by members of the community through a partnership with the Interfaith Food Shuttle. Soil science, nutrition and cooking classes are also held in conjunction with the garden at different times during the school year in partnership with NC State University and the Interfaith Food Shuttle. All food grown is harvested and enjoyed here in the community.

Mujeres Con Esperanza (Women With Hope)

This women's group meets every other Thursday at the "Casita", the Latino community center on the camps of Millbrook United Methodist Church. The goal of the group is to provide a place of fellowship, education, and growth to Latina women in Raleigh.

Women's Outreach

In partnership with The Encouraging Place we offer Summer Camp For Women, an eight week “women’s night out”, held once a week throughout the summer. These camps are held to provide safe places for women to gather for support, encouragement, inspiration and to experience the love of Christ. As a continuation of what begins at Summer Camp we offer Sister Share, a small group Bible Study and sharing, which meets monthly throughout the school year.

Advocacy and Support

N2N walks alongside families as if they were our own. Staff and volunteers spend time working with a student's teachers, providing transportation, meeting material needs, and visiting the sick and imprisoned.